How do you respond to custody petition?

How do you respond to custody petition?

To respond, follow these steps:Fill out your court forms. Have your forms reviewed. Make at least 2 copies of all your forms. File your forms with the court clerk. Serve your papers on the other parent. File your Proof of Service. Go to your court hearing.

What happens if you don’t file an answer?

You Can Lose By Default: If you don’t file a response 30 days after you were served, the Plaintiff can file a form called “Request for Default”. If the Plaintiff files this form, the Court can enter a judgment against you. The Plaintiff will win the case. Then, the Plaintiff can enforce the judgment against you.

What happens if someone doesn’t respond to custody papers?

The other parent can request a default Custody Decree in 21 days that matches everything requested in their complaint if you do not respond. If you disagree with even one thing the other parent is asking for, you will need to file a response.