How do you uncover hidden assets in a divorce?

How do you uncover hidden assets in a divorce?

How to Look for Hidden Assets During DivorceTax returns are one of the best places to start.Checking account statements and canceled checks can be revealing.Savings accounts may reveal unusual deposits or withdrawals.The courthouse is an invaluable resource when checking for hidden assets.

Are wedding rings considered marital property?

Married Couples and De facto Couples When married couples or de facto couples separate, the Family Law Act applies. This means that the engagement ring is classed as property and is added into the property pool available for distribution between the parties.

Is Mangalsutra returned in divorce?

New Delhi, April 2 : Removal of the mangalsutra, which signifies the end of a Hindu marriage or death of the husband, cannot be a ground for divorce, the Supreme Court ruled today.

Can wife claim marriage expenses?

Hello, There is no specific provision in Indian law for return of marriage expenses. Even if your wife wants to claim it, she will have to prove that she has spent money and the same can be defended. She can claim maintenance on the basis of her expense, her income and whether you have any children.

Does a wife get maintenance?

Yes, if men cannot support themselves financially, they can claim maintenance from their wives who are financially well-off and earning more than them. This can be done under Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, which mentions both husbands and wives as liable to making such a claim.