How does child support affect spousal support?

How does child support affect spousal support?

If either spouse is paying child support, the judge must also determine how a requirement to pay spousal support would affect child support payments. The Divorce Act clearly states that a judge must give priority to child support when a person applies for both child and spousal support.

Is maintenance the same as child support?

Child support is paid for children of the relationship under the age of 18 whereas child maintenance is paid for dependent children over the age of 18.

Is child support deducted from alimony?

A person making qualified alimony payments can deduct them. Alimony payments received by the former spouse are taxable and you must include them in your income. The payor can’t deduct child support, and payments are tax-free to the recipient.

Will I lose child support if I remarry?

Parents who pay or receive child support must inform DHS of certain changes in their lives. One of these is remarriage. However, child support is calculated based only on the parents’ income. Any stepparents’ incomes will not affect a child support assessment.