What kind of custody is every other weekend?

What kind of custody is every other weekend?

Every 3rd weekend This 80/20 residential custody schedule enables the child to live with one parent and visits the other parent every third weekend. This child custody arrangement works for children who need a lot of consistency and do better in a single home, as well as for parents who live far apart.

Do you have to pay child support if you have joint custody in Indiana?

When joint custody is awarded, Indiana courts handle child custody differently than they handle a sole custody arrangement. When there is no significant difference in the net incomes of the two parents, in most cases, no child support order or payments are necessary or required.

How can a mother lose custody in Indiana?

#1: Child Abuse and Neglect A parent may also begin to neglect his or her child after the judge issues the agreement. If the court finds that abuse or neglect is happening in the home, the parent may lose custody.