How do I file for divorce in Hendricks County Indiana?

How do I file for divorce in Hendricks County Indiana?

To start a divorce procedure in Hendricks County, the plaintiff has to draft the petition and other necessary divorce forms and file the completed divorce papers with the court. Depending on the county, in Indiana, dissolution cases are heard by the Superior Court, Circuit Court, or Domestic Relations Court.

What is a financial declaration form Indiana?

In most counties, the trial courts make parties fill out financial declarations shortly after filing for a divorce and exchange it with the other side. These forms cover everything from income to weekly bills and assets and liabilities. Most litigants reel at this fact because the form takes some time to complete.

What are the disadvantages of joint account?

Disadvantages of Joint Accounts One of the negatives of a joint account is that you might not always know what is in the account. Since both spouses have unrestricted access to the account, you could end up overdrawn if your spouse makes purchases and fails to tell you.