How much does it cost to change your name in Indiana?

How much does it cost to change your name in Indiana?

To file your petition you will need to pay a filing fee. As an example, the current filing fee in Marion County is $156. To find out the filing fee in your county, contact the Clerk of Court in your county.

How do I legally change my name in Indiana?

In Indiana, you can change your name simply by using a different name consistently. However, if you want to change legal documents, such as your birth certificate, then you should obtain court approval for the change. All you need to do is gather the correct forms online or from your courthouse and complete them.

How do I change my name after divorce in New Mexico?

A legal name change is accomplished by submitting a petition to the District Court, publishing notice of your name change, attending a possible court hearing, and receiving a signed court order that authorizes the change. This entire process may take as little as three (3) weeks or much longer, depending on your case.

Why would my ex wife keep my last name?

Reasons women may want to keep their ex-husband’s last name Continuity with children β€” One of the most common reasons an ex may keep your last name is to keep her name the same as any children. Length of marriage β€”The longer the marriage, the more likely your ex will feel entitled to keeping your last name.

Is it easy to change back to your maiden name?

If this is the case, it is relatively simple to go back to using your maiden name. You simply need to take with you a copy of the Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate and, if applicable, the Divorce Order to the relevant institutions and inform them that you are reverting to your maiden name.

How do I change back to my maiden name with Social Security?

You’ll need to fill out Form SS-5, the standard application for a Social Security card that you can download from the Social Security website. Mail the form or deliver it in person to your local Social Security office, along with original copies of documents proving your legal name change and your identity.

Can you reverse a name change?

There is no “reversal” of the first order changing your name. That is, you cannot reopen the case and ask the court to vacate the order changing your name. You can file a new name change petition and ask the court to change your name…

Does my Social Security number change if I change my name?

Please note that your Social Security number will not change. When you change the name on your Social Security card β€” whether through marriage, divorce, court order, or another reason β€” you need to contact the SSA to receive a corrected card.

Does changing your name affect your Social Security?

Whenever you change your name, be sure to report the change to Social Security. Otherwise, we may not record your earnings properly and you may not receive all the benefits you are due. Not changing your name with Social Security can also delay your income tax refund, if you are entitled to one.

How long do you have to be married to someone to draw their Social Security?

You can receive up to 50% of your spouse’s Social Security benefit. You can apply for benefits if you have been married for at least one year. If you have been divorced for at least two years, you can apply if the marriage lasted 10 or more years. Starting benefits early may lead to a reduction in payments.