How old does a child have to be to say who they want to live with?

How old does a child have to be to say who they want to live with?

This means that in Family Court proceedings, it is possible for the Court to order that children as old as 14 and 16 be required to live with one parent (e.g. their Mother) even if the children have clearly expressed the view that they wish to live with the other parent (e.g. their Father).

At what age is a child able to make decisions?

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18 years

Who decides if a child is Gillick competent?

Gillick competence is therefore the correct term, still used by judges and health professionals, to identify children aged under 16 who have the legal competence to consent to immunization, providing they can demonstrate sufficient maturity and intelligence to understand and appraise the nature and implications of the …

At what age is a child Gillick competent?


Should parents make decisions for their child’s future?

Parents should make decisions for their children because children should have boundaries set for them, and be guided in the right direction by their parents. If parents never let their children make their own decisions, then the children will never be able to make decisions later in life due to lack of practise.

Should parents interfere in their children’s lives after 18?

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According to me, parents should not interfere with their children’s choice. Indeed, children must be self-sufficient so they must learn from their own mistakes. Moreover, this is children’s life, so they should lead it the way they want. They have to make their own choices, and make their own life experiences.

Who should choose the career of a child parents or child?

Parents should choose the career of a child Parents are the ones who suffer a lot of difficulties and bring up their kids so that they can live a healthy and happier life. Every parent wants to see their children well settled in their life. Thus, they have the right to choose a better career for their kids.

Should parents decide who their child should marry?

according to me, parents should only chose a life partner for their children. this is because’ no one knows a person better than his/her parents. so only parents can decide as to what is good and what is bad for their children. hence they should only take decission as to who should be his/her life partner.

Why are Indian parents against love?

Love Marriage is still an exception in India Parents are opposed to love marriages because arranged marriages are the norm in our country and anyone trying to challenge this stranglehold of arranged marriage is considered to have gone “astray” from the family traditions.