What is a bifurcated judgment?

What is a bifurcated judgment?

Typically, a divorce is resolved under a single judgment for dissolution of marriage. Conversely, a bifurcated judgment dissolves the parties’ marriage but reserves other issues, such as property division, child support, maintenance, or custody (“bifurcated judgment”).

What is a status only judgment?

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Under California Family Code Section 2337, a party may obtain what is called a “Status Only Judgment,” which is a judgment that terminates the marriage only, leaving all other issues (division of property, support, custody) to be decided at a later time.

What is a bifurcated trial in a death penalty case?

A “bifurcated trial” refers to a trial divided into two stages: (1) guilt phase and (2) penalty phase. If the defendant is found guilty, the trial moves to a penalty phase in which the jury receives additional information and decides whether or not the defendant should be executed.

How do I get a bifurcation divorce in California?

To ask for a bifurcation, you have to ask the court for a separate and earlier trial on the issue of ending your marriage or domestic partnership. So for that reason, this request is called an “application for a separate trial.”