Can a person represent themselves in divorce court?

Can a person represent themselves in divorce court?

If you are going through a divorce, you can represent yourself in the courts. While many use lawyers, it is not required. You have a right to represent yourself. The term self-represented litigant describes people who go to court without a lawyer.

Is it a good idea to represent yourself in divorce court?

And in some cases, people think they are able to represent themselves best. It is generally a good idea to have an attorney in family law cases, if it is financially possible. The break-up of a relationship, payment of child support, and parenting of children are legally complicated and emotional issues.

Can you ignore a divorce petition?

Application for deemed service In most cases, applicants know where their spouse is living, and the petition is simply posted to them. If you believe the respondent has received the petition but is ignoring it, you can apply to the court for “deemed service”.