What questions should a divorce lawyer ask?

What questions should a divorce lawyer ask?

5 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer During Your First MeetingWhat Do You Need to Know from Me? When meeting with a divorce lawyer for the first time, many clients struggle with where to start with their story. How Can I Make This Divorce Less Expensive? What Can I Expect the Divorce Process to Be Like? What Are My Next Steps After This Meeting? Tell Me About Yourself.

What should I bring to a divorce lawyer consultation?

If you’re planning on starting a divorce proceeding, you’ll definitely need to bring:your original certificate of marriage (the ugly brown government document, not the flowery document you might have received from whomever performed the marriage), and.a photograph of your spouse.

What financial documents are needed for divorce?

What documentation is required?Evidence of income (3 most-recent pay slips);Last 3 tax returns;Bank statements for the 12 months prior to separation to the current date (including accounts in the sole name of each party or in which a party holds jointly with another person);

How do I prepare for a lawyer consultation?

Make the most of your meetingBring all documents. Make copies of all the documents you have collected regarding your case and give these copies to your lawyer.Have notes ready. Dress for success. Be honest. Talk about costs. Ask your lawyer questions. Understand all documents you sign. Keep your own files.

Do Lawyers give free consultations?

Most lawyers offer a free consultation so that you have a chance to determine if he or she is the right person for you. You will not get much legal advice at this consult since it is not meant to resolve your legal question, but is instead an opportunity to determine if you wish to hire this attorney.

Is a free consultation with a lawyer confidential?

Yes. Even if you do not end up hiring the lawyer everything you discussed during an initial consultation with a lawyer is confidential. This means the lawyer cannot discuss it with anyone else.