Can you file for divorce online in Missouri?

Can you file for divorce online in Missouri?

You can access online divorce forms in Missouri for filing with your local court. There are very detailed laws and instructions for getting divorced in Missouri, and you must follow them exactly. You’ll have to fill out several divorce-related forms in your case.

How do I file for divorce in the state of Missouri?

5 Steps to filing for divorce in MissouriDetermine whether or not you will need a Missouri divorce lawyer. Figure out the court in which you plan to file for divorce. File a Petition for Dissolution document. Fill out the appropriate Family and Parenting documentation (if necessary) Inform the Court of Your Divorce.

Can text messages be used in custody court?

Can SMS Text Messages be used as Evidence in the Family Court? The short answer to this is YES, YES and YES again. For instance, in a recent hearing at the Federal Circuit Court, Judge Warwick Neville ordered a marshal to investigate Facebook postings made by a father involved in an acrimonious child custody dispute.