How do I pay my child support in Kansas?

How do I pay my child support in Kansas?

Payments can be mailed to the Kansas Payment Center, PO Box 758599, Topeka, KS 66675 or can be made online by visiting the KPC Website. Make sure to include your SSN and case number to ensure proper credit. Payments are provided to the custodial parent by direct deposit or on a debit card.

How do I find out how much child support I owe in Oklahoma?

To access the Child Support Payment Inquiry System it is necessary to log in on the DHS Secure Customer Information Sign In page. Customers are required to use a 9-digit DHS Customer ID and a 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

What is the lowest amount of child support?

Minimum basic child support obligation is $100 per month. No provision for high income. Ability of parents to contribute to support of child and financial resources available are deviation factors. In no even may the obligor be required to pay more than an amount equal to 100% of the proven needs of the child.

What is the maximum amount of child support in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma’s child support guideline schedule goes to $15,000 per month total combined income.