How is property divided in a divorce in Australia?

How is property divided in a divorce in Australia?

Everything is split down the middle the reality is that there is no 50/50 rule in family law property matters, nor is there any mathematical formula for dividing property between parties. It is very much a discretionary decision that is based on a number of factors that are set out in the Family Law Act.

How do you protect yourself from a cheating spouse?

Don’t Take Cheating Sitting DownFace reality. If your husband is cheating on you, face reality. Speak up and take a stand. 3.Let him know you know. 4.Realistically evaluate your situation. 5.Seek counseling for yourself and for your marriage. Protect yourself sexually. Find out your legal rights. Put your financial house in order.

What does cheating say about a person?

2. Insecure. One major thing that cheating can say about a person is the fact that they are very insecure if they are unfaithful outside of their main relationship. Insecurity can mean that they seek a confidence boost and bolstering of their ego by feeling attractive to other people.