How long does a uncontested divorce take in Missouri?

How long does a uncontested divorce take in Missouri?

30 days

How fast can I get a uncontested divorce?

How long does it take to obtain a divorce? In our experience, an uncontested divorce usually takes four to six months to be finalized. Please keep in mind that due to factors out of our control, we cannot guarantee how much time the courts will take to process your divorce.

Can I divorce my wife if she is pregnant by another man?

Whether your pregnancy can interfere with your divorce depends entirely on the laws of the state you in which you file for divorce. Either way, you will still need to address establishing paternity if someone other than your spouse is the father of your child.

Does it matter who files for divorce first in Missouri?

The spouse filing for dissolution must serve the petition on the other spouse (the responding spouse or respondent). Once served, the responding spouse must submit a legal document to the court called an “Answer.” The answer should admit or deny all facts stated in the petition.

Can you get a divorce in Missouri without a lawyer?

You don’t have to hire an attorney to file for an uncontested divorce in Missouri. If you file your divorce without an attorney, you are considered pro se (pronounced pro say). Petition for Dissolution of Marriage- this is required in all divorces.

Is Missouri an alimony state?

Alimony is supposed to provide the means to obtain a fresh start for a person who previously relied on their spouse. In Missouri, “alimony” is now known as spousal maintenance or spousal support. It found that state law only allows courts to award spousal support “prospectively.” Archdekin v.

How long after a divorce can you remarry in Missouri?

Some states have mandatory waiting periods before you can say “I do” again. In Missouri, there are no mandatory waiting periods for someone after a divorce is final. An individual may remarry immediately once their petition for divorce is granted in a court of law.