What does it mean to have a contested divorce?

What does it mean to have a contested divorce?

When one spouse challenges whether the couple should get a divorce or any other reason, you have a divorce dispute. This is referred to as a contested divorce and can take more than 18 months to be resolved. In this situation, spouses disagree about any of these things: Whether to get a divorce.

Is infidelity illegal in Kansas?

Kansas state law shows Adultery is a Class C. misdemeanor and could lead to a month in jail and a fine of up to $500. However, they noted the state law against adultery mandates the police department enact the policy that lead to the arrest.

Can you sue for back child support after 30 years?

Generally and specifically under some state laws, the parent to whom support was awarded retains the right to collect support arrearages even if the child is now an adult. In most cases, an adult child does not have legal standing to directly sue his or her parent for unpaid child support.

Can you go to jail for not paying child support in Kansas?

The payment of child support is done under a Court order. Failure to follow that order can be punished as contempt of Court. Among the penalties possible are a jail sentence. Kansas law creates a lien on any vehicle, boat or aircraft owned by someone who is at least 30 days behind in paying child support.