What does pretrial mean in a divorce?

What does pretrial mean in a divorce?

The pretrial hearing is the last step before trial. At this point in the divorce process, you and your spouse have worked out most of the details. This allows the judge time to review the evidence and ask more detailed questions of your attorney during the hearing.

What usually happens at a pretrial?

At the pretrial conference, a defendant is entitled to review a copy of the complaint , any written police reports or any other evidence that the State intends to use at the trial . Witnesses do not attend the pretrial disposition conference and no testimony is taken.

Does living with a new partner affect financial settlement?

It is certainly possible that cohabiting with a new partner might affect how a judge applies these factors when deciding on a financial settlement. The assets of your new partner, and the nature of any financial support you receive from him or her will certainly be relevant.

Does spousal support end when you live with someone?

A Court may order that a spouse pay their former partner maintenance following the breakdown of their relationship (or even during their marriage, if the parties are married), “spousal maintenance”, where one party cannot provide for their own needs.