When did Missouri start keeping death records?

When did Missouri start keeping death records?

Statewide registration of births and deaths began in 1863, but registration was not compulsory. Missouri has required registration in each county only during the years 18 and since 1909.

Can I get my uncle’s death certificate?

If you want to request copies of the death certificate yourself, you need to contact the state or local health department in the state or county where the person died and request certified copies directly.

How do I get a refund from vital records?

If the Health Department rejects your application because an error we made, you will have the option to let us fix the problem without any additional charges or to get a refund of your package cost minus the shipping cost of $25 to send your application to the health department.

How do I cancel a PSA request?

Once you have already paid for your request, you can no longer cancel it. PSA Serbilis adopts a NO CANCELLATION policy for all its services.