Why is divorce so complicated?

Why is divorce so complicated?

One of the biggest reasons divorces can become complicated affairs is trying to figure out who will take care of the children and when. Many parents want equal custody, but in some cases, one partner may want that while the other wants full rights to care for their children.

How complicated is divorce?

Divorce is very complicated, both legally and financially. You can easily make mistakes, and often those mistakes are irreversible. In a case like that, a Do-It-Yourself divorce could be accomplished quite quickly and inexpensively.

What should you not say to someone getting divorced?

Here are a few things not to say to a person going through divorce:“You can always remarry him.” “I know of so-and-so who divorced and remarried five times!” “But look at Grandma. “At least you have kids. “Focus on you.” “The kids will be alright.” “This is hard. “Reach out for support.”

What is the hardest part of divorce?

The hardest part of a divorce is thinking you have a partner for life, and for some period of time actually having that partner, getting used to caring about someone else as much (maybe even more) than you care about yourself… and then one day it just all disappears.