Does a spouse have to sign a mortgage in Kentucky?

Does a spouse have to sign a mortgage in Kentucky?

Yes, a title holding spouse must gain the consent of the non-title-holding spouse to get a mortgage or to sell.

Should both spouses be on house deed?

If you and your spouse or registered domestic partner take title to a house togetherthat is, both of your names are on the deedyou both own it. If the property is valuable but has no title document, such as a computer, then the person whose income or property is used to pay for it owns it.

When a husband dies leaving a wife and children what right does the wife have in the husband’s portion of the community property?

But if your spouse and children both survive you, your children are entitled to two-thirds of your separate property, as all community property will end up with your spouse.

What happens to property when one spouse dies?

In relation to assets that were held solely by the deceased at their death, if the deceased left a valid Will, a Grant of Probate may be required to deal with the assets. If assets are jointly held, the surviving spouse should be able to arrange the transfer of ownership inexpensively and without legal assistance.

Can I leave half my house to my daughter?

However if you are actually tenants in common, as many couples are, then you can leave your 50% share to your children, although usually the spouse retains a life interest because the house cannot be sold without her/ his permission. …

How do I leave my house to my child when I die?

Include Your Home in Your Will. A will is a legal written document in which you specify who you want to inherit your assets when you die. Set Up a Living Trust. A living trust is a type of trust that you create while you are still alive. Include the ‘Right Words’ in the Deed to Your Home.