How do I get a background check in Kentucky?

How do I get a background check in Kentucky?

Please follow these steps if you wish to place an electronic request for a Kentucky Criminal Background Check via the Administrative Office of the Courts’s website:Go to and click on “Obtain a Criminal Record Report”: Click “Register”: An email will be sent to the email address you registered with.

How long does a felony stay on your record in Kentucky?

You cannot have any misdemeanor or felony convictions on your record for the five years before you apply for expungement. You must wait five years after you complete your sentence, pay any fines/ fees, or complete probation – whichever was later.

Does a felony stay on your record for life?

Ultimately, a felony crime remains on your record for life. These crimes are rated the highest, and, as such, no one takes them lightly. The only way to rid a felony off your criminal record is by having it sealed or expunged.

What felons Cannot do?

The rights of felons vary slightly from state to state; however, the most common are as follows:Possessing and purchasing a firearm.Voting.Jury duty.Traveling outside the country.Employment in certain professions.Parental rights.Public assistance and housing.