What is the meaning of primary custody?

What is the meaning of primary custody?

Primary custody is where a child spends more than 61 percent of the time with one parent. For example, if a child spends 4 days a week with one parent and 3 days with the other, that’s still joint custody because it’s less than 61 percent.

What does joint custody mean in Kentucky?

Joint custody is where two parents share joint decision-making for the child, usually for major life decisions.

Does work schedule affect custody?

Your Work Schedule and Child Custody Having a full schedule and dedicating most of your free time to your job, whether it is due to necessity or because you are working to further your career, can interfere with your custody battle and ability to be granted visitation.

What is the most important factor determining child custody?

The condition of the living accommodation found in each of the parent’s home. The ability of each parent to ensure a stable, loving environment. The impact on a child’s education if the custody is granted. The impact of the custody decision on the child’s medical and emotional needs.