Who is the best divorce lawyer in Memphis TN?

Who is the best divorce lawyer in Memphis TN?

Best divorce lawyers in Memphis, TNMiles Mason Family Law Group. 11.2 mi. 8 reviews. The Wharton Law Firm. 1.3 mi. Personal Injury Law, Divorce & Family Law, Medical Law. Dowden, Worley, Jewell & Olswing. 11.1 mi. 1 review. Rice Law. 1.4 mi. Divorce & Family Law. Beaty Medlock & Plunk. 10.5 mi. The Harrell Firm. 0.8 mi. Hewlett Law Firm. 1.5 mi. Becker Law Firm. 7.9 mi.

How do you deal with an aggressive divorce lawyer?

What to Do If Your Ex Hires an Extremely Aggressive Divorce…Hire an assertive and experienced attorney. When consulting with a candidate lawyer, specifically ask about his or her experience dealing with aggressive attorneys. Suggest collaborative divorce. Choose your battles wisely. Try reasoning with your spouse.

How do you hide money in a divorce?

Here are some of the interesting ways he might be hiding cash or assets from you:Buying pre-paid gift cards or getting cash back while shopping with joint money. Opening college savings accounts in your child’s name. Buying and collecting assets disguised as hobbies.