Where do I file for divorce in Grand Rapids MI?

Where do I file for divorce in Grand Rapids MI?

The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Kent County Courthouse, 180 Ottawa Ave. NW, Suite 2400, Grand Rapids MI 49503.

How do I file a PPO in Kent County?

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The jurisdiction for PPOs fall under the Family Division of the Circuit Court….What to ExpectPetitioner comes to the 3d floor of the courthouse to file a PPO in suite 3500.Front window staff will instruct you to fill out your PPO on one of the four public computers.You will then print your paperwork.

How long is a PPO good for?

A PPO usually has a 6 month to One year expiration date. You can request that is be extended if you still feel you are in harm’s way. No Contact Order- This is a Court ordered condition of a criminal case.

Is violating a PPO a felony?

If the potential client has violated a prior protective order within the last seven years and the current conduct involves a threat of violence or actual physical injury, the prosecution can charge the violation as felony. It can also be charged as a misdemeanor.

How do I fight a PPO in Michigan?

Tell the judge whether you want the PPO ended or changed. If you want it changed, explain what parts of the PPO you want changed. Tell the judge why you want the PPO changed or ended. If you believe the Petitioner made false allegations in the petition, tell the judge this.

Who can serve a PPO in Michigan?

filing for divorce online

Personal service by a sheriff or police department. Service by registered or certified mail with return receipt requested. Alternate service (only if allowed by the court) Personal service at a court hearing (when the judge issues a PPO at a hearing)

Where do I go to get a PPO in Wayne County?

Personal Protection Orders (PPO) The Wayne County Clerk’s Office provides direct services to victims of domestic violence within Wayne County, MI. These services are provided in adherence to the Wayne County Clerk’s Office Domestic Violence Program and PPO Victim Advocacy Program.