Does Carlton Pearson believe in God?

Does Carlton Pearson believe in God?

Pearson believed that God was telling him hell is the creation of man on earth. "The bitter torment of the idea of an angry, visceral, distant, stoic, harsh, unrelenting, unforgiving, intolerant God is hell.

When did Carlton Pearson get married?

September 1993 (Gina Marie Gauthier)Carlton Pearson/Wedding dates

Is Carlton Pearson still preaching?

Decades after his painful experience of loss and rejection, Carlton Pearson from Come Sunday now, in 2018, is still preaching, but with a vastly different mindset than the one that started his career.

What is Carlton Pearson doing these days?

Pearson has been the Senior Minister of Christ Universal Temple, a huge New Thought church in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Bishop Carlton later named Higher Dimensions Family Church which was one of the largest churches in Tulsa, Oklahoma.