Is a settlement agreement the same as a divorce decree?

Is a settlement agreement the same as a divorce decree?

In short, the difference between a marital settlement agreement vs. a divorce decree is that a settlement agreement is the set of circumstances that will apply to a divorced couple's lives after their divorce, whereas the divorce decree is the actual court order that legally ends the marriage.

Can a divorce stipulation be changed?

Under certain circumstances, both spouses may mutually agree (stipulate) to change certain provisions of the divorce agreement. Changing a divorce settlement agreement requires the new agreement to be in writing. A Stipulation and Order to change a judgment typically does not need a court hearing.

Can a divorce be finalized without custody?

Yes. Your case can continue without an agreement as to custody. The lack of agreement as to custody just means that the case will have to go to trial and the court will decide what to do about custody/parenting plan.

Who fills out the divorce decree?

If you have a trial, the judge weighs all of the evidence and testimony and makes decisions related to granting the divorce: custody, alimony, child support, and property division. All of these decisions are written out in the divorce decree.