What does it mean when a case is terminated?

What does it mean when a case is terminated?

A lawsuit may be terminated because of dismissal before both sides have fully argued the merits of their cases at trial. It can also be ended because of Compromise and Settlement, after which the plaintiff withdraws his or her action from the court. Actions are terminated by the entry of final judgments by the courts.

What does it mean when a federal case is terminated?

ยง 1.197 Termination of proceedings. If an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit or a civil action has been filed, proceedings on an application are considered terminated when the appeal or civil action is terminated. A civil action is terminated when the time to appeal the judgment expires.

What is termination mean?

Termination is the act of bringing something to an end or the physical end of something. It also means to fire someone from a job, and termination is perhaps most commonly used as a way to refer to this process or its result, as in His employment with the company ended in termination.

What does it mean when a court case is active?

active status: A case that is in court but isn't "settled" or "decided" has active status. (See disposition, pending.) adjournment: When a judge hears and decides a case.