What happens to kids in divorce in Fable 3?

What happens to kids in divorce in Fable 3?

In Fable III, there is no way to get rid of your children without getting rid of your spouse. You have to either divorce your spouse, which will result in losing him/her and your house, or by killing him/her. In both cases, the kids are taken to the orphanage, where you can "rescue" them by adopting them back.

Can you expose lady GREY after marrying her?

You have to marry Lady Grey to open the Demon Door in the Grey House area. Upon researching the "Investigating the Mayor" quest online I found out that if you are married when you get the letter in the cellar she forces you to give her the letter and the quest is finished. You can't expose her.

Can you have more than one wife in Fable 3?

Marriage, if played properly, can be a very lucrative opportunity for an enterprising player. You can always get divorced and re-marry another player on Xbox Live. You can even marry multiple partners at once, with each getting their own house to share with you.