Why does my ex want revenge?

Why does my ex want revenge?

It's usually someone grieving for the relationship that has gone, getting angry (a common grief reaction) and projecting it back onto their (ex)partner. They want to be in control and the control – the choice to stay or leave – has been taken away from them, so to get control back, they plot and seek revenge.

Why is ex wife vindictive?

In some cases where spouses have cheated and initiated the breakup, the vindictive behavior is a response to their guilt over ruining or ending the marriage. In some cases, friends or family members may even intervene with your ex and encourage him or her to move on with their own life.

Is it worth getting revenge on your ex?

Getting Revenge After A Breakup Is Never A Good Thing To Do, No Matter How Hurt You Are. And now, you're dreaming of getting revenge. But you shouldn't do that. Trying to get revenge after a breakup is one of the worst things you can do (not just for your ex, but for you, as well).

Why am I jealous of my husbands Ex?

Jealousy can often come from feelings of inadequacy. ' At the root of this is probably a childhood experience of not feeling special, she says. Perhaps you were competitive with your siblings, or felt your parents were more preoccupied with each other than with you.