How do I file a motion to enforce a divorce decree?

How do I file a motion to enforce a divorce decree?

Complete and file a motion to enforce your divorce decree. Expect to pay a filing fee when you do so. When you file a motion with the court, you are asking the judge to enforce the terms of your divorce decree. Your ex-spouse may respond to your motion. The court will then set a date for a hearing.

How do you enforce a divorce settlement agreement?

To enforce an agreement or liability, you must first get a court order. If under your financial orders you need a document to be signed (for instance, to transfer money or to sell property) and the payer refuses to sign it, you can ask for an order that the court appoint a person to sign the document/s on their behalf.

What happens if ex does not follow divorce decree?

If your ex-spouse violates any aspect of the final decree of divorce, you can file a motion for contempt of court. The motion must state what areas of the final decree have been violated and why the ex-spouse should be held in contempt of court. The burden of proof during a contempt hearing is on the injured party.