How do I find marriage records in Mississippi?

How do I find marriage records in Mississippi?

For more information, contact our Vital Records office at or visit the Vital Records Department home page for health statistics, vital records, reports and data. You can also contact the Vital Records office by sending e-mail to

Are police reports public record in Mississippi?

Mississippi Public Records Laws The current public records law can be found in Chapter 61 of Title 25 of the Mississippi Code. The Act provides that any person has a right to access public records in the state. Personal information of law enforcement and victims of crimes. Confidential financial and commercial data.

Can father change baby’s last name?

A father has the right to change a child’s last name but only if he is the legal father. He must have legal parental rights and the approval of the child’s mother to change his son’s or daughter’s name.

What do I need to change my name on my driver’s license in Mississippi?

Mississippi Driver’s License Name Change To do so, visit in person with the following: your Mississippi certified or original legal name change document; your current Mississippi driver’s license or ID card; and. payment of the fee $11 ($14 for ID cards).

How do I get a Mississippi ID card?

To apply for a state ID card in Mississippi, visit your local MS DPS office and: Complete and sign an application form (available from the MS DPS office). Provide a copy of your Social Security card and certified copy of your birth certificate. Pay the $33 fee.

How much does it cost to renew your ID in Mississippi?

For Class R renewals, the standard $24.00 renewal fee applies whether in person or online. If the license is expired, there is a late fee surcharge of $1.00. For online renewals, there is an additional convenience fee that varies based on the total purchase amount and a postage and handling fee of $1.50.

How do I renew my Mississippi drivers license online?

Go to DPS Online Renewal page.Enter your license number, last 4 digits of your SSN, your full name and date of birth.Pay the fee of $24.00 (for a 4 year license) and a convenience fee of $1.50. Save the receipt for your record.Your driver’s license will arrive in the mail in about a week.

What documents do I need to get a driver’s license in Mississippi?

Mississippi License Requirements You will need your Social Security Card, birth certificate, and proof of domicile. If you are under 18 years old, you will also need a certification of school attendance. At the DMV office, you’ll complete an application for a Mississippi driver’s license then pass a vision test.

How do I establish residency in Mississippi?

Anyone over 21 will be classified as a Mississippi resident after living in the state for 12 consecutive months. Acceptable proof of residency includes state tax returns or a state driver’s license.

How old do you have to be to get a driver’s license in Mississippi?

The applicant must be at least fifteen (15) years old. 2. The applicant must first obtain an application for Mississippi Driver License (Form DL- 4).