What are the grounds for mental cruelty?

What are the grounds for mental cruelty?

“in order to establish the ground of mental cruelty, there must be some positive form of conduct, deliberately directed by the respondent toward the petitioner, which has as its object the intent to injure the mind or feelings, in some grave and weighty matter, or alternatively, in the absence of such positive …

What is extreme mental cruelty?

Extreme cruelty includes a wide range of hostile, aggressive, or disruptive acts which may affect the physical, emotional, or psychological well-being of the victim-spouse. Extreme cruelty is a ground for divorce or an unequal division of the couple’s property.

What does inhumane treatment mean?

Inhuman treatment or punishment is treatment which causes intense physical or mental suffering. It includes: serious physical assault. psychological interrogation.

What is the difference between being inhuman and being inhumane?

To be inhuman means to lack all human qualities, not only compassion and kindness. To be inhumane means to lack compassion and kindness, not merciful.

What is inhuman or degrading treatment?

Treatment is considered inhuman when it causes intense physical or mental suffering. Treatment or punishment is degrading if it humiliates and debases a person beyond that which is usual from punishment.

What is inhuman act?

If someone behaves in a way that shows no compassion, you could describe that person and his or her actions as inhuman. Murdering another person is an inhuman act; slavery is an inhuman institution. Inhuman acts can also be described as inhumane, meaning “heartless and cruel.”

What do you call a inhuman person?

savage, barbarous, hateful, ruthless, malicious, cruel, brutal, vicious, barbaric, cold-blooded, heartless, merciless, inhumane, bestial, cannibalistic, devilish, diabolical, fell, ferocious, fiendish.

What is considered degrading?

Degrading describes something that is disrespectful or dishonorable like a degrading comment that angered everyone who heard it. The word degrading comes from degrade, which means “to treat someone with contempt.” So something that is degrading is cruel, meant to put a person or group down.

What is an example of degradation?

Degradation is defined as the state of being lowered down in respect, status or condition. When a person has become disrespected and is looked down upon, this is an example of degradation. A general lowering of the earth’s surface by erosion or weathering. The lowering of land surfaces by erosion.

What does degrading a woman mean?

The word can also mean to disrespect or insult: thoughtless comments can degrade a person. If you whistle at a passing woman, you’re being disrespectful — your behavior degrades women. Degrade is often used to mean to insult someone because of their gender or race. Degrade also means to break down.

What is it called when you degrade yourself?

To abandon or betray one’s principles. sell out. debase oneself. demean oneself.

What to do if someone degrades you?

Tell the person to stop. This is a clear way to let the person know that you want him to quit putting you down. If ignoring the person didn’t work or if the situation is especially annoying or hurtful, telling him to stop can help resolve the problem. Make sure you are calm.