What does a chancery clerk do?

What does a chancery clerk do?

Duties of Office The chancery clerk is responsible for attending all sessions of chancery court and keeping all minute books in which records and directions of the judge and proceedings of the court are kept. The clerk is also responsible for preparing the docket of claims.

How do I look up court cases in Delaware?

To access CourtConnect, visit: courtconnect.courts.delaware.gov. The CourtConnect site is certified by ACS Government Solutions, a Xerox Company, to support Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari searches in CourtConnect.

Are criminal records public in Delaware?

The following information is available through the Delaware State Records website: criminal records, court records, vital records, and includes over 8.5 million transparent public records. Delaware began creating public records from as far back as the year 1905 upon the states creation.

What is Delaware Superior Court?

The Superior Court, the State’s court of general jurisdiction, has original jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases except equity cases. The Court has exclusive jurisdiction over felonies and almost all drug offenses. In civil matters, the Court’s authority to award damages is not subject to a monetary maximum.

How do you find out if you have a ticket in Delaware?

If you were issued a voluntary assessment citation, you can retrieve information about your lost traffic by contacting the Voluntary Assessment Center at (302) 739-6911—they can look up your lost traffic ticket information.

How many points is a DUI in Delaware?

Penalties range from 2 points for a simple violation, such as speeding, up to 6 for reckless driving or aggressive driving in Delaware. The accumulation of 14 points will earn you a mandatory 4-month license suspension.

How much is a speeding ticket in Delaware?

Speeding tickets in Delaware start at $20 for speeding less than 5 mph with subsequent speeding violations being a $25 fine. Delaware Title 21 breaks down amounts further with each additional mph over the speed limit increases the fine by up to $4.


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How long does a speeding ticket stay on your record in Delaware?

How Long Does a Speeding Ticket Stay on Your Record? (By State …www.everquote.com › blog › car-insurance › speeding-tic…www.everquote.com › blog › car-insurance › speeding-tic…

Is a speeding ticket a misdemeanor in Delaware?

DELAWARE SPEEDING TICKETS & MOVING VIOLATIONS The majority of moving violations are misdemeanors. The state of Delaware operates on a point system, in which drivers accumulate points on their license for every moving violation they commit.

How long does it take to get points off your license in Delaware?

Calculated points are credited at full point value for the first 12 months from the date of violation. After the initial 12 months have expired, the calculated points will be credited at one-half point value for the next 12 months.

What is probation before Judgement in Delaware?

Probation before judgment (PBJ) provides a means for a first offender to avoid having a conviction entered against him or her. PBJ works as follows: The offender enters a plea of guilty or nolo contendere. The Court defers further proceedings and the entry of a judgment of conviction against the offender.

Is PBJ a guilty plea?

Because the judgment is not entered as “guilty,” a PBJ does not legally count as a conviction for a crime, and therefore the defendant is spared some hardships of having a criminal record, e.g. for purposes of job applications he or she does not have to disclose it as a conviction, though a full criminal background …

What is probation before sentencing?

Probation in criminal law is a period of supervision over an offender, ordered by the court instead of serving time in prison. In some jurisdictions, the term probation applies only to community sentences (alternatives to incarceration), such as suspended sentences.