Who can perform a marriage in Mississippi?

Who can perform a marriage in Mississippi?

Who Can Perform a Marriage Ceremony? In Mississippi, only the following people can perform a valid marriage ceremony: Ministers of the gospel who are in good standing and have been ordained according to the rules of his church or society.

How much does it cost to get a marriage license in Mississippi?

As of J, the cost of a marriage license in Mississippi is $38.

What is the common law marriage in Mississippi?

As outlined in one of my earlier posts, Mississippi does not recognize common law marriage and has not recognized it since 1956. See MS § 93-1-15 (2014). So, in the event that cohabitants terminate their relationship, each person is generally entitled to their own property.

Is Mississippi a common law property state?

Thus, when it comes to property division, Mississippi is not a “community-property” state whereby all of the divorcing spouses’ assets, regardless of whether they were acquired during the marriage or not, are divided equally (50/50) upon divorce. Instead, Mississippi is what is called an “equitable distribution” state.