Is New Mexico a common property state?

Is New Mexico a common property state?

Most states in the country are actually common law states. New Mexico on the other hand, along with only 8 other states, is a community property state.

Is nm common law state?

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Common-law marriage is not recognized in the State of New Mexico as valid and as such, New Mexico couples who have not obtained a marriage license valid in New Mexico will not be recognized as legally married.

Does New Mexico have domestic partnership?

Domestic partnerships and LGBT civil unions are not legally recognized in New Mexico, but many couples opt to acknowledge their relationship through a legal agreement based on the state’s current contract laws. The Law Office of Dorene A.

Is or a community property state?

The states having community property are Louisiana, Arizona, California, Texas, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wisconsin. Community property states follow the rule that all assets acquired during the marriage are considered “community property.”

Should I put my wife’s name on the house title?

It’s not recommended that you add a partner to your property title to use the property as the collateral for a loan.