Can I switch accident lawyers?

Can I switch accident lawyers?

The short answer is yes. You can switch personal injury lawyers anytime you want. There are a number of reasons why a client might wish to be changing personal injury lawyers. Perhaps your lawyer has made mistakes and you’ve lost confidence in his or her ability.

Can my lawyer represent someone else against me?

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3 attorney answers It is only a conflict of interest if whatever the lawyer represented you on previously gives him insider’s knowledge that would prejudice you. If totally unrelated topics, he can represent someone in a claim against you.

What is a lawyers statement in court when they don’t agree?


Should you admit guilt to a lawyer?

If there is any way a criminal defense attorney can raise reasonable doubt in the client’s guilt, so long as it is ethical to do so, the attorney will do it. Does this mean that if a client admits guilt to his or her attorney, the attorney cannot enter a not guilty plea or zealously represent the client? No.

Can I tell my lawyer the truth?

Even if you are guilty, a good lawyer can still win your case or have it dismissed based on mitigating circumstances, but only if he knows about them. Attorney-Client Privilege – Your attorney is bound by the ethics of the legal profession not to reveal whatever you tell him without your permission.