Can you use a PO Box for divorce?

Can you use a PO Box for divorce?

Yes. You can use your post office box number, an email address or a friend’s or relative’s address on your divorce application. You can refuse to provide any address whatsoever although you will have to lodge an affidavit explaining to the court your reasons for not wanting to reveal your address.

Can court force wife to stay with husband in India?

A wife is not a “chattel” or an “object” and she cannot be forced to reside with her husband even if the man desires to live with her, the Supreme Court has said. “She is not a chattel. You (man) cannot force her. She does not want to live with you.

Can a married woman live with another man legally in India?

Right to Matrimonial home: A wife has the legal right to live in the matrimonial house, even after the husband dies. There isn’t any directive in the Hindu Marriage Act (HMA), 1955 that a married woman cannot stay at her parental house. She can lawfully stay, if and when she wants to.