How long does an Rji take?

How long does an Rji take?

45 days

What happens after Rji is filed?

When the RJI is filed, your case is assigned randomly to a Judge who will decide everything in your case until it is over. If the Judge thinks that he or she can’t be fair in your case, he or she may refuse the case and have it assigned to another judge. This is called recusal.

What is pre Rji?

Supreme Court cases are not assigned to a Judge until one of the parties files a Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI) form and pays the filing fee. An RJI needs to be filed the first time one side needs a Judge to do something in the case, like decide a motion or order to show cause, or hold a conference, or trial.

What happens in a preliminary conference?

A preliminary conference precedes a pre-trial. It is officiated by the clerk of court. In the pre-trial and preliminary conference, there is narrowing of conflict between the parties. In furtherance of this, the judge is sanctioned to allow the number of witnesses to be presented, limit the trial days, etc.

Do witnesses testify at a preliminary hearing?

A legal proceeding may take hours, days or months. You may have to go to court more than once. For example, you may have to testify at a preliminary hearing and at trial. The Crown presents its evidence first, so, if you are a witness for the Crown, you will probably be the first witness.

How long after a preliminary hearing is sentencing?

Sentencing: If a defendant is convicted by either pleading guilty to a charge, or by being found guilty after a trial, sentencing will take place about seventy- Page 5 five days later if the defendant is in custody, or about ninety days later if the defendant is out of custody.

Can a case be dismissed for lack of evidence?

If the judge does not believe there was strong enough evidence, he could dismiss the case. Lost evidence. If key evidence is lost that is necessary to prove you committed the crime, the charges against you could be dismissed by the judge or voluntarily by the prosecutor.