What does motion for extension of time mean?

What does motion for extension of time mean?

A Motion for Extension of Time requests that the court grant you additional time to complete a specific act. This is frequently the case at the onset of a court action often before a first hearing.

Can you file an answer late?

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You can file a motion for default after receiving an untimely Answer, but you will probably lose and the judge may yell at you.

How many days do you have to answer a summons?

You must file a written response within the time limit in your Summons. It is usually twenty days from the date a server hands the papers to you or someone in your home.

What happens after you file an answer to a summons?

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I FILE MY ANSWER? Your Answer will go into the court’s file. Typically, your next court appearance will not be for a trial, but rather for a conference before the court about the possibility of settling your case. You must go to court on this date.

Are you legally obligated to pay a collection agency?

You’re still liable for your bill even after it’s sent to a collection agency. Many people don’t want to pay collection agencies, perhaps because there’s no immediate benefit for paying off the debt—other than ending debt collection calls.