What is the leading cause of divorce in modern marriages?

What is the leading cause of divorce in modern marriages?

Overall, the results indicate that the most often cited reasons for divorce at the individual level were lack of commitment (75.0%), infidelity (59.6%), and too much conflict and arguing (57.7%), followed by marrying too young (45.1%), financial problems (36.7%), substance abuse (34.6%), and domestic violence (23.5%).

When were women able to divorce their husbands?

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Parliament passed the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857, a watershed law that allowed women to file for divorce for the first time (though their burden of proof was still higher than men’s), to initiate legal contracts, and to keep possession of her own earnings and inheritances, just as a single woman would.

Who is more likely to initiate a divorce?

However, research since the 1940s has revealed that among heterosexual couples, women are more responsible for initiating divorce than men and that divorced women are typically happier after ending their marriages (Brining & Allen, 2000; Rosenfeld, 2016).

What are the social causes of divorce?

According to Kitson (1992), the socio-economic level of individuals is the reason for high divorce rate; moreover, the following factors are reported as the causes of divorce: lack of communication, conflicts of interests, conflict of individuals with low socio-economic level; more physical or emotional abuse, domestic …

What to do when your spouse no longer finds you attractive?

First-class relationship coachingAsk him what he does find attractive (not concerning the ‘outer wrapper’) Talk about your love-making. Consider getting some personal counselling or coaching. Take my comprehensive relationship test. Further reading. Marriage shouldn’t be a sacrifice.

Why is my wife not attracted to me anymore?

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It could come from her past, it could come from something that has happened in your marriage, or it could be something that is still going on. You will need to deal with this issue or help her to because her lack of attraction to you may lead to the end of your marriage.