Who pays attorney fees in divorce in Illinois?

Who pays attorney fees in divorce in Illinois?

Generally, Illinois law does not require that attorneys’ fees be paid by one spouse or the other. However, there are situations in which a court may step in and award attorney fees to a spouse, especially if the financial situation in the marriage is significantly lopsided.

Does it matter who files for divorce first in Illinois?

From a legal standpoint, therefore, there is little official advantage to filing for divorce before your spouse does. The decision to file a petition for divorce first could have other effects, though. To learn more about the divorce process in Illinois, contact an experienced DuPage County family law attorney today.

How do I avoid court divorce?

Three Ways to Avoid Divorce CourtKitchen Table Divorce (Do It Yourself) This is the least expensive and most civilized way of handling a divorce. Professional Mediation. Mediation is the process where the two parties hire an independent, third-party to help them work through the issues of the divorce. Let The Lawyers Work It Out.