What do you do if your spouse refuses to move out?

What do you do if your spouse refuses to move out?

You or your spouse must also have the intention to move out when the circumstances permit. If your spouse will not leave the matrimonial home, you may apply to the Court of Queen’s Bench for an Exclusive Home Possession Order. Until there is such as Order, both of you have the right to live in the home.

How can I make my husband leave the house?

File for divorce. Get an order to remove him from the house. Change the locks and place all of his possession outside, in a garage or shed, to allow him to pick them up at a time you are not there. If he remains, call the police and report that he is there contrary to a court order.

Can you legally separate and live in the same house?

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You can be separated from your spouse even if you are living in the same house. There is no legal or official document to complete to say you and your spouse are separated.

How do you legally remove someone from your home?

How to evict a housemateTalk it through. The easiest course of action, of course, is to have a frank but civil discussion between all housemates. Seek mediation. If you’re unable to resolve the situation yourselves, getting assistance through a mediator is also an option. Issue a notice to vacate. Get a termination order. Take it to court.