What are the side effects of divorce?

What are the side effects of divorce?

What Are the Effects of Divorce on Children?Poor Performance in Academics. Divorce is difficult for all members of the family. Loss of Interest in Social Activity. Difficulty Adapting to Change. Emotionally Sensitive. Anger/Irritability. Feelings of Guilt. Introduction of Destructive Behavior. Increase in Health Problems.More items…

What are the signs of parents getting a divorce?

Signs That Your Parents Might Be Considering a DivorceYour parents aren’t talking to one another as much and rarely spend time together. Your parents begin to argue more often than usual. They begin sleeping apart, with one parent on the couch or in a separate bedroom.

Is spousal support earned income?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted new tax rules regarding spousal support payments, also known as alimony. For recipients, spousal support payments are no longer considered taxable income. The result is an increased tax burden on the spouse paying alimony, and ultimately, more money for the government.