Can you get Cobra if you get divorced?

Can you get Cobra if you get divorced?

After you get divorced, you may be able to temporarily keep your health coverage through a law known as “COBRA.” If your former spouse got insurance through an employer that has at least 20 employees, COBRA lets you stay on that plan for up to 36 months.

Who is eligible for Cobra in California?

Group health plans for employers with 20 or more employees on more than 50 percent of their typical business days in the previous calendar year are subject to COBRA. Both full-time and part-time employees are counted to determine whether a plan is subject to COBRA.

Can you get Cobra if you quit California?

What is Cal-COBRA? Cal-COBRA is a California Law that lets you keep your group health plan when your job ends or your hours are cut. It may also be available to people who have exhausted their Federal COBRA.

Are domestic partners eligible for Cobra in California?

While domestic partners are not “qualified beneficiaries” under COBRA, and therefore have no right to elect individual continuation coverage, a current or ex-employee (the qualified beneficiary) who elects COBRA coverage may also elect to continue coverage for a domestic partner who was on the plan the day before the …

Can domestic partners get Cobra?

That being said, domestic partners—unlike spouses—do not qualify as qualified beneficiaries under COBRA and, therefore, do not have independent COBRA rights. But if you wish to provide continuation coverage rights like those provided to spouses, you may do so through plan design.

Do employers have to cover domestic partners?

Currently, there are no federal laws which require employers to include domestic partners in their benefits plans. Furthermore, employers are not required to offer federal COBRA benefits to domestic partners since the law defines a qualified beneficiary as being a spouse or a dependent under both federal and state law.

Does the federal government recognize domestic partnerships?

Not recognized by the federal government.

How do you get a domestic partnership in California?

Under the new California law, you can become domestic partners by filling out an online form through the Secretary of State’s office. These forms can be mailed in, or delivered to specified physical locations. If you’re under age 62, expect to pay $33.