Is inheritance marital property in Massachusetts?

Is inheritance marital property in Massachusetts?

First, inherited property is technically included in the \u201cmarital pot\u201d to be considered for division. That’s because in MA, all property of either party, whether owned jointly or individually is considered for division. Another key factor is the extent to which the inherited property affected the couple’s finances.

Who gets inheritance money in a divorce?

In the vast majority of cases, only one party in a couple is the recipient of the inheritance. It is possible that the testator bequeathing the inheritance specified in their will that it was to be given to both spouses as a couple.

How does adultery affect divorce in Massachusetts?

Adultery is a fault-based ground for divorce permitted in Massachusetts. A court will grant a divorce on the basis of adultery if adequate proof is presented. The circumstances of the adultery may have an impact on other parts of your divorce, like child custody.