How do I get married in Larimer County Colorado?

How do I get married in Larimer County Colorado?

Marriage licenses in Fort Collins are issued at the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder’s office, so you can apply there. You can find the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder’s office at the Citizen Information Center at 200 West Oak Street in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you want to call the office, call (970) 498-7860.

Who was Larimer?

(Octo – ) was a Kansas state senator, American settler, and land developer who is best known as the founder of Denver, Colorado in 1858. On Novem, Larimer arrived at a hill overlooking the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River. …

What district is Loveland?

The 2nd Congressional District of Colorado contains some of Colorado’s most dynamic economies with Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland and Broomfield being tech start up hubs, and extends west miles along Interstate 70 through the Rocky Mountains to encompass many of our most popular tourist destinations, such as …

What is Loveland CO famous for?

Northern Colorado’s third largest city, Loveland, Colorado, is home to one of the largest sculpture gardens in the country, a nationally-famous valentine re-mailing program, and huge regional attractions like Budweiser Event Center and The Promenade Shops at Centerra.

Why is Loveland called Loveland?

It was named in honor of William A.H. Loveland, the president of the Colorado Central Railroad. The city was founded one mile (1.6 km) upstream from the existing small settlement of St. Louis, the buildings of which were moved to the site of Loveland.

What is the altitude in Loveland Colorado?

1,519 m

What city in Colorado has the highest elevation?


Where does Loveland Pass go?

Loveland Pass Road, which is now along US Highway Route 6, was officially adopted by the US Highway system and connected to the town of Silver Plume in 1919. The pass was the main vehicular means of transportation between Denver and Georgetown until the Eisenhower Tunnel opened in 1973.

Where is Loveland Pass Colorado?

Loveland Pass is a high mountain pass in north-central Colorado, at an elevation of 11,990 feet (3,655 m) above sea level in the Rocky Mountains of the Western United States….Loveland PassTraversed byUS 6LocationClear Creek / Summit counties, Colorado, U.S.RangeFront Range4 weitere Zeilen

How many miles is Loveland Pass?

Loveland Pass is an 8.7-mile (17.5 mile round trip) 2,600′ climb from Keystone’s River Run base area.

Is Loveland Pass scary?

Loveland Pass Frequent avalanches make the route to Arapahoe Basin’s Ski & Snowboard Area a dangerous feat. If you get caught in a whiteout on this pass, it’ll definitely be terrifying.

How long does it take to drive Loveland Pass?

Depending on road conditions, it should take less than 10 minutes to get to the pass from I-70. over a year ago. Make the drive if it’s safe to do so. The drive is a function of good road conditions, and how often you want to stop and take on the beautiful and spectacular sights.

What is the highest pass in Colorado?

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

When was Loveland Pass built?


What pass is Eisenhower Tunnel on?

Loveland Pass

How long does it take to get through the Eisenhower Tunnel?

Stops usually average about 20 minutes because that’s about how long it takes to clear the queue. However, the stops can be shorter or longer in duration, as traffic and conditions dictate. Even though traffic is stopped for a period of time, it quickly catches up to the slower-moving vehicles ahead.

How high is the Eisenhower Tunnel?

15 m