Is there always child support in a divorce?

Is there always child support in a divorce?

Do both parents have to support their children financially after a separation or divorce? Yes. Your children have a legal right to financial support from both parents, and you both have a legal responsibility to provide this support. A separation or divorce does not change that ongoing obligation.

What questions does a judge ask a child in a custody case?

Questions to Ask in a Child Custody CaseHas one parent been the primary caretaker, or have the parents shared the responsibility?What is the mental and physical health status of the parents?Will the child be in a stable home environment?مزيد من العناصر…•

What is the most important factor determining child custody?

The condition of the living accommodation found in each of the parent’s home. The ability of each parent to ensure a stable, loving environment. The impact on a child’s education if the custody is granted. The impact of the custody decision on the child’s medical and emotional needs.