Can I sue my ex for not letting me see my child?

Can I sue my ex for not letting me see my child?

Intentional interference with visitation rights: When the custodial parent purposefully refuses to observe the visitation agreement; and. Breach of contract: The parents are both contractually bound by the child visitation agreement, so if it is violated, it may be possible to sue for breach of contract.

What do you do if your ex bad mouths you to your child?

Here are some dos and don'ts for responding when your child tells you that your ex has been running you down: Do stay calm and empathize with how hard it is to hear bad things about one parent from the other. Don't raise your voice or display outward anger at your ex.

What can you do if your ex won’t let you see your child?

The first step in working out child visitation issues is to try and talk to your spouse about your visitation rights. If you approach the issue calmly and logically, you may be able to come to a truce with your ex-spouse, at least with regard to visitation, without having to go back to court.

What to do when the other parent is bad mouthing you?

Try and have a calm, cordial conversation as you ask them to stop saying mean-spirited things about you to your kids. If the person doing the badmouthing is a relative of your co-parent, you may want to start by talking to your co-parent about this first so that they are aware that this is going on as well.