Can you disinherit your spouse in Pennsylvania?

Can you disinherit your spouse in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, you can disinherit your children, but you can't disinherit your spouse. If you leave a will that makes little or no provision for your surviving spouse, or if you have arranged title of assets so that there is no probate estate, your surviving spouse is entitled to elect a statutory forced share.

What is considered marital property in Pennsylvania?

Marital property covers money earned and property acquired after the marriage, in Pennsylvania. Marital property is subject to division in a divorce, and may present issues when administering a will or trust document. Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state.

Can my husband leave me out of his will?

The answer is yes you, he or she can write a will to cut out your spouse, but it may not be effective in the eyes of the law. As with most legal questions this is an interaction between the law, a person's wishes and what the spouse who was cut out chooses to do.

Is Pennsylvania a community property state for death?

When a Pennsylvania resident dies, their heirs may wonder who inherits what. A will generally disposes of the deceased's assets. Pennsylvania is not a community property state.