Can you get a divorce while pregnant in California?

Can you get a divorce while pregnant in California?

Fortunately, in California, you can file for divorce while pregnant, unlike many other states. The parents must wait until the child is born to finalize the divorce, even if it is over the mandatory six-month waiting period, Summary dissolution is not available during pregnancy, and.

What states allow divorce while pregnant?

Florida, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, and Missouri all have laws that require you to wait until baby is born to either file for or finalize your divorce. Meeting with an attorney to develop a strategy early can help you ensure you've honored all local and federal laws governing divorce while pregnant in your area.

What happens if you get divorced while pregnant?

Yes. If someone is pregnant during the divorce, the other spouse will automatically be a legal parent once the child is born, even if the child is born after the divorce is finalized, and even if the other spouse is not biologically related to the child.

Can you file for child support while pregnant in California?

Once parentage is established, the court can make orders for child support, health insurance, child custody, visitation (parenting time), name change, and reimbursement of pregnancy and birth expenses. Without establishing parentage, the court cannot make orders regarding these issues.