How do I find court records in Wisconsin?

How do I find court records in Wisconsin?

Request copies of documents and get more information on a case from the Clerk of Court in each county. Court of Appeals and Supreme Court opinions can be found online on the Wisconsin Court System website from 1995 to present.

How do I look up criminal records in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Court Records Any public records of the Wisconsin Circuit Courts regarding a criminal defendant can be accessed online through the Wisconsin Court System Circuit Court Access portal.

What shows up on CCAP?

CCAP creates a record for each case that records the names of all parties, filings, proceedings, orders, and the final judgment or disposition of cases. Records from CCAP are not only available for court staff but are also accessible to the general public on the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access, or WCCA.

What does CCAP stand for in Wisconsin?

Consolidated Court Automation ProgramsConsolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP) CCAP is responsible for supporting the IT needs of the entire Wisconsin Court System.